What would it take to get you on a bike? Or back on your bike? Or on your bike a bit more often than you do at the moment?

Cyclox and Oxford Brookes want to know the answers to these questions and are hosting a conference to find out.

But this will be a cycling conference with a difference. Usually when bikey types get together it is not long before talk turns to the minutiae of teeth per cog, kilometres per hour or watts per kilogram. But this event will be a determinedly non-bikey gathering.

Titled Like Riding a Bike, the conference is looking at how we can create environments and opportunities that will persuade everyone from 9 and 90 that riding a bike can be part of their everyday activities. Rather than being about getting people who cycle to cycle more, this is all about exploring how we can get a few more people who used to cycle, and people who have never cycled, on to a bike a bit more often.

So if you don’t think of yourself as a ‘cyclist’, or even if you’re not a convinced that you are ever likely to be someone who rides a bike, this could be the cycling conference for you. The day will be full of talks, discussions and workshops exploring what the future of cycling needs to look like if cities like Oxford are to grasp the prizes of improved health, a better environment, more cohesive communities and a re-energised economy that cycling offers.

If you do happen to be a little bit bikey and are already interested in how you might be able to make a difference to where you live, work and ride, there are plenty of opportunities to understand how to create low-traffic neighbourhoods, promote active travel via hard and soft measures, and explore how the e-bike revolution is transforming concepts of accessibility for all ages. Expert panels, e-bike and adapted bike demonstrations, and cycle tours will make sure everyone leaves inspired by the possibilities of pedalling.

And Maria Leijerstam, the first person to cycle to the South Pole, will describe her journey and will tell you that nothing is impossible, and will challenge you to take up cycling or help others get back to cycling.

Cyclox and Oxford Brookes will be producing a post-conference guide to promote the uptake of cycling based on the learning from this conference so whatever your level of enthusiasm for the bike you will be able to have an input and make a difference to what the future for you, your family and your community might look like. Come and join us.

Like Riding a Bike is at the Oxford Brookes Headington campus on Saturday 7 September from 10am to 4.30pm. The cost is £12 per head, which includes lunch. Book your place via www.eventbrite.co.uk and search for Like Riding a Bike.