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ON YER BIKE: Could a car-free city become the new normal?

This Sunday (22 Sept) Broad Street in the centre of Oxford will be closed to traffic. Cyclox (, the campaign group that serves as the voice of cycling in Oxford, will be taking the opportunity to set out its stall, alongside many other organisations, to be part of the growing movement across the UK calling for low-traffic neighbourhoods.

On Yer Bike with By Jonny Ives - 'Could cyclists sway election results?'

RIDING a bike lends itself to contemplation. So, if you ride a bike, whether as part of the daily commute or for occasional warm-weather enjoyment, you have probably wondered at some point why cycling never seems to get quite the attention it deserves from those who seem to make the decisions about how public money is spent.

Are we all riding the wrong bike?

If you are lucky enough to be choosing a bike to accompany you on life’s great adventure there are two questions that you need to ask yourself before you saddle up.