NEIGHBOURS have become 'increasingly distraught' over cars dumped in their cul-de-sac as Cowley remains in 'meltdown' over parking, a councillor has warned.

David Henwood has called a public meeting to discuss how to tackle the problem as well as speeding issues in the area.

He said: "Some serial offenders in Cowley, have been known to park in residents' driveways, preventing them from leaving their house, and think nothing of occupying a disabled bay. It's time to demand change."

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The city councillor, sharing pictures The Grates residents had taken of cars with hand-written notes on them saying 'Not a tenant of The Grates', said: “Residents are becoming increasingly distraught by people who dump their cars in a small cul-de-sac in Cowley.

"On average we monitor some 15 cars a day parking in an area, where many vulnerable residents live.

"This means emergency services, are unable to provide a vital service needed in the area.”

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The city councillor added the problems where not confined to one road though and that the area was 'truly the victim' of poor planning decisions, including the loss of facilities like Temple Cowley Pools and approval of houses at the former Murco garage site on Between Towns Road.

The car-free development to build three houses and 35 flats was given the go-ahead by the city council's planning committee in May.

Concerns were raised by residents on nearby St Omer Road that this would lead to parking outside their homes but the council insisted cars would not be necessary in an area close to the Templars Square shopping centre, the Templars Retail Park and major bus routes.

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Mr Henwood, who is an independent councillor having stepped down from Labour last year, said: "The parking problem in Cowley is so dire we are at community meltdown. Five years ago I started a campaign for a Controlled Parking Zone in the Cowley, but I am concerned that without proper enforcement the initiative, planned for next spring will not meet its objectives."

Police as well as representatives from Oxford City Council and Oxfordshire County Council have been invited to the meeting on Tuesday at the Venue from 6pm.