FLAME-thrower clad trucks and other Mad-Max-style mechanics could be spotted driving through the county today.

The annual petrol heads festival Apocalypticus: Road2Ruin is back for the weekend, hosted by mechanical masterminds John and Geof Bitmead.

The pair, who run Attitude Autos in Ambrosden near Bicester, will once again plunge festival goers into a crazy post-apocalyptic world for the three-day festival.

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Land surrounding Westcott Social Cub in Westcott, just across the Oxfordshire border in Aylesbury, has been transformed to create a village of all things wacky and weird.

Event organisers describe zombies and heavy viral outbreaks that have befallen the globe, and very few roads are still in order.

They said: "Transport is a serious blessing if you have it, although modifying it to deal with the likely situations will probably be necessary."

The mechanical duo, well-known for creating a lifesize, drive-able Little Tikes car, have modified a number of cars that will be shown off at the festival this weekend.

Oxford Mail:

One of the big showstoppers is a modified Hummer given 54 inch tyres making it stand 9ft tall.

Making a return again for this years festival is the drastically transformed Ford Focus now known as the 'Kittypocalypse' car. It is a hot pink Ford Focus bodyshell sitting atop of a Land Rover Discovery chassis and is fully road legal.

It has a host of additions to make sure it can fight off any zombie including drop-down mesh screen guards, a 50-cal cannon, and a rear-gunner flame-thrower.

There is also a three-wheeled 'rolling torture device' made out of a Daiwoo Matiz and a Kawasaki ZX10, plus wheels from a JCB digger.

New this year is the DeKapitan created from an 'undressed' Pontiac Fiero car now complete with flailing chains and chop-saws.

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The madly modified cars will be among those taking to the roads today from 11am around the festival for a road run.

Passers-by will be surprised to see vehicles carrying flame-throwers and cages if they catch a glimpse as they trundle through the rural roads.

The event will also include a host of other displays, a main stage with more than 25 bands, and this year the whole set created as a village in a wood.

Headlining this year is V2A, who will be performing on the main stage tonight, and other acts include The Visitors, The band A/M, and the Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers.

Oxford Mail:

Organisers have said this year's event will be 'far bigger' than last year's festival.

Last year's event took four months to prepare and stage, and attracted 350 people over the course of the three days.

Attitude Autos created an entire village set for people to search through and stop off to enjoy various workshops, displays and performances.

The Apocalypticous:Road2Ruin event 2019 event started yesterday and will run today and tomorrow.

For full details of the event or to book tickets go online to road2ruin.co or search The Road to Ruin 2019 on Facebook.com