A SCHIZOPHRENIC man smashed his mother's head with a hammer during a repeated attack, before claiming he was James Bond and a CIA agent, a court heard.

Prosecutors claim that Shahidul Jabbar launched the unprovoked attack while his victim Rukia Begum was praying in a sitting room at his home.

In a 999 call played to a jury panel, the 41-year-old told operators 'I've just done my first murder' before later asking paramedics on the scene to bring Ms Begum back so he can 'finish his mission'.

At the start of his trial yesterday Jabbar, of Upper Barr, Cowley was considered by presiding Judge Ian Pringle QC 'not fit' to enter a plea or to formally stand trial.

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Instead jurors at Oxford Crown Court have been sworn in to determine whether the alleged attack and single charge of attempted murder ever took place.

Detailing the incident at Jabbar's Cowley home on the afternoon of July 19 last year, prosecutor Alan Blake called the case 'unusual and somewhat distressing'.

He said that on the day of the violence Ms Begum had come to the house to do odd jobs for her son, who has long-standing mental health difficulties, and to assist with the cooking.

Jurors were told that shortly before 8.30pm, while Ms Begum was praying, Jabbar launched the attack 'beating her head with a heavy object or objects including a walking stick.'

The attack, prosecutors claim, left the woman covered in blood and needing to go into intensive care.

Soon after the alleged attack, Jabbar made a call to 999, the jury were told, calling emergency services at 8.21pm.

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In that call Jabbar is heard to say: "She is bleeding, I hit her with a hammer, she is bleeding internally, lots of blood is coming out."

He is later heard to say he is 'James Bond' before telling the operator 'I did my first murder, it’s my first murder.'

Jabbar finishes the call by saying simply 'OK, cheers, bye-bye.'

Another call played to the court just minutes later appears to be from Ms Begum who is panting loudly and moaning before telling operators her son 'broke my head'.

Teams from South Central Ambulance Service were quickly scrambled to the address, jurors were told, and when they arrived they discovered police were not yet at the scene and the suspected attacker was still inside.

A statement read to the jury from one of the paramedics who was first at the scene - Nicholas Collins - said that given the apparent condition of Ms Begum they decided to go in anyway.

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In his statement Mr Collins said: "The male [Jabbar] was agitated and saying he was CIA, US Marine, and quoting some sort of serial number stating he had completed his mission.

"As I came in the living room there was a pool of blood and a female I had not seen before siting on a sofa with a scarf to her head."

The paramedic said they then decided to take Ms Begum out of the flat to treat her and as they were leaving Jabbar said to them 'bring her back, I will finish my mission.'

She was taken to the John Radcliffe Hospital, jurors were told, and during her transit she told the paramedic 'it was my son' and said she had been hit with a hammer.

In a video recorded interview with the woman she told police she could remember little about the specific details of the attack and she did not see Jabbar strike her.

She added that nobody else was in the house at the time and she had been there to help and to cook for him.

After the initial attack, the court heard, police later traced Jabbar who had wandered up to Cowley Road and while he was arrested he continued to make comments about the USA intelligence service.

Body worn footage played to the court from that police ride to Abingdon Police Station showed Jabbar telling officers he worked for NASA and that he 'murdered her for the CIA'.

Jurors were also told that the hammer, alleged to have been used in the attack, was never located and a blue walking stick found inside the flat had blood traces on it with a DNA match for Ms Begum.

The trial, which is expected to conclude today, continues.