A MAN unleashed terror on the streets of Blackbird Leys, threatening people with a hammer and attacking police officers, after he was challenged for stealing a bottle of Coca Cola.

During the glut of day-time violence Carl Nelson brandished the weapon in front of shop staff before smashing up a passing car and kicking a police officer.

After he was arrested for the outburst - completely shoeless - the 46-year old of Croxford Gardens, Kidlington, talked of 'killing police' and said voices in his head made him do it.

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Nelson had already admitted one count of possession of an offensive weapon, one of criminal damage, one of theft from a shop, as well as assaulting a police officer and common assault.

Outlining the case at his sentencing hearing at Oxford Crown Court yesterday prosecutor Cathy Olliver said the violence started after he walked into a shop in the Blackbird Leys area on the afternoon of June 30 this year.

While inside he snatched a bottle of Coca Cola before walking out of the store and making no effort to pay for it.

An employee came outside and asked him to purchase the item and it was then that Nelson pulled out a hammer and became abusive.

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Nelson began 'swinging' the hammer towards him before smashing a set of signs near to the shop.

When he left the scene a passing motorist crossed his path soon after, causing Nelson to begin smashing that vehicle.

He struck the car up to seven times causing thousands of pounds worth of damage.

By then, the court heard, police arrived and when Nelson was arrested he continued to be abusive to officers.

While at Abingdon Police Station he kicked one officer in the shin and talked about 'killing police officers'.

Asked about why he had carried out the spree of violence he told police 'it was voices' making him do it.

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Ms Olliver said: "He was asked why he stole the drink and said I wanted a drink, asked about the hammer he said yes, he said he took out the hammer and brandished it.

"He said 'I wanted to smash [the employee's] f***ing head in', he wanted to do this because voices in his head were telling him to do it."

In mitigation at yesterday's hearing his defence barrister Robert Lindsey said that his client had been suffering mental health problems and suffered 'a relapse' at the time of the offences.

He added that there had been no injuries sustained by any of the people he either threatened or attacked.

Sentencing, Judge Ian Pringle QC ordered a 14-month prison term for the offending and said that Nelson must pay a victim surcharge.