MENTAL health services in Oxfordshire will be the focus of the county's health watchdog for the next 12 months.

Writing in its annual report, Healthwatch Oxfordshire executive director, Rosalind Pearce, said: "In 2019/20, mental health is the theme to our listening activities.

"We have heard so much about people’s experiences of mental health services over the past few years – we want to know more."

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She added: "We will work with, and through, our existing partnerships and organisations.

"We will use our enter-and-view powers to hear from service-users in the NHS and voluntary sector settings.”

The annual report, released this week, also outlined Healthwatch Oxfordshire’s achievements during the last 12 months, which have included campaigning for improvements to dental services, encouraging greater awareness of men’s health checks and looking at ways to improve community physiotherapy services.

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Other priorities for the year ahead revealed in the report include listening to the families of military personnel, giving a voice to the voluntary sector, and working with neighbouring Healthwatch organisations where services work across county boundaries.

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