SURPRISES are often left behind by the Easter bunny or the tooth fairy, but what about the 'mental health' fairy.

Fond messages are being left round Bicester in a bid to share happiness and raise awareness of mental health.

In the lead up the Mental Health Awareness Week last month communities were working hard to raise awareness of the issue.

But for the people of Bicester, the task went a little further and dug a little deeper as posters popped up in a very 'Banksy-esque' manner on lampposts and bollards.

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'You are beautiful' and 'It's okay to not be okay' were among the phrases scrawled across posters in Sheep Street and nearby.

Anonymously, the signs simply #mentalhealthawareness in a bid to combat stigmas and support every person that may walk by.

Posts on Bicester Acts of Kindness Facebook page shared the fond messages and shared appreciation of Bicester's answer to Banksy and their efforts.

One commenter Nicole Melzack said the idea was lovely and posted a snap online, while another resident Amanda Wolstenholme also posted a picture, adding: "Thank you to whoever done this. You've made my day and after the evening I had its brightened my mood."

The posters were shared to the group as part of its ongoing community effort to share goodwill and kindness.

So far, this has included anonymous doorstop present drops over Christmas, collections for local schools to tackle period poverty and funding trauma teddies for local police to hand out to children.

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Group founder Hannah Walker said: "Studies have shown spreading Kindness has big benefits to your mental health.

"These posters, although small in size, have delivered a big impact by benefitting the creator's mental health, as well as those who have seen the messages. The impact you can have on someone's day with a few kind words can be huge and it's not an exaggeration to say in some cases lifesaving.

"It's so important to talk about mental health and these have created an easy way to get conversations started.

"Bicester Acts of Kindness is delighted to see people spreading kindness around the town on such an important topic."