THE LATEST traveller encampment in Bicester has forced businesses to stop deliveries.

Businesses have reported feeling 'powerless' as more than 10 caravans have taken over a private car park on the Telford Road industrial estate.

The cluster of caravans is thought to have parked up on Friday evening, and despite pleas from local business owners they have yet to have been moved on by the authorities.

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One worker from the site said many companies have had to stop deliveries as the encampment has blocked off the back of their shops.

Chris Leach, who works for one of the units affected, said businesses have had to take extra precautions to protect their properties.

He added: "It has caused chaos.

"We have a fleet of about ten vehicles and are supposed to have deliveries throughout the day, but all that has been stopped.

"They are parked right out the back where a number of units take their deliveries.

"There are about six business units here that are immediately affected, and everybody is worried about any damage that may be caused."

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He said the group had already caused damage to fences in the area and had been using the electrics from business units nearby.

Mr Leach said: "We just seem powerless. We can't operate business as normal and don't seem to be getting the support from the authorities."

Businesses say they have been told it is down to the landowner to evict the latest encampment as it is on private land.

Police officers were seen at the site on Saturday but again are said to be unable to move them from private land as it is a civil matter.

Another worker from the industrial estate said she had been left 'shaken' after being intimidated by the group whilst going to work with her children on Saturday.

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Thames Valley Police spokesman confirmed that officers had attended an 'unauthorised encampment' but said responsibility for enforcement rests with the landowner.

Its policy adds: "Where there are aggravating factors then there may be a need for local authorities and police to consider taking action."

Oxfordshire County Council said unless the police use their powers under section 61 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994, it is up to the landowner to employ bailiffs.

A spokesman added: "We were notified on Sunday of their presence, and we have visited twice today. We have also spoken with occupants of the properties concerned and provided them with advice.

"Our powers only cover land owned by county, district, town or parish councils."