NEW fencing will be put up by coucil contractors after a group of travellers moved on from a park-and-ride this week.

Pictures sent by readers showed broken bollards, a sea of rubbish and a discarded rabbit hutch strewn throughout the car park at Bicester park-and-ride after the group moved on.

There were also reports of a dead puppy and two poorly dogs recovered from the site off Vendee Drive following the traveller encampment which left in the early hours of Saturday.

Oxfordshire County Council spokesman Martin Crabtree said of the clean-up process: “The travellers left of their own accord on Saturday and we have contractors on site at the moment cleaning up.

“We are also working with contractors who will be installing new fencing this week.”

The latest stint in which more than 30 caravans pulled into the Bicester Park and Ride was the second time this year.

In February the site was left with bricks and bollards from the site strewn throughout and rubbish bags littering the car park.

Images this time captured litter and black sacks on and off the site, while a number of bollards appear to have been damaged again.

Another picture shows a damaged animal hutch dumped on the parking bays.

It is not known if it is the same group of travellers who previously moved onto the site.

Bicester mayor Les Sibley said: “I was pleasantly surprised to see they had started the decampment process last week and then went down to find they had totally gone.

“It is definitely a lot worse this time and that’s only the bits that are visible. They just packed up and left all their mess and rubbish behind.

“Then of course there were the animals, plus goats and horses which were across the road eating the vegetation on the Kingsmere site throughout the week.

“It is the damage and affect it ends up having on everyone and I feel sorry for the land owners.

“Plus now its the tax payer who has to bare the brunt of it.”

Travellers have been setting up home at car parks across the county for several months, including Oxford’s Water Eaton Park and Ride and Redbridge on Abingdon Road.

Councils have had to fork out more than £10,000 in that time for court orders and clean-up operations.

The full cost has not yet been calculated for the clean-up at Bicester Park and Ride.