ASPIRATIONS for Oxford to be a cycling city are ‘not meeting reality’ according to a rider frustrated by a flooded cycle path on Botley Road.

Posting images of the water-logged route on social media, Twitter user @bsscdt wrote: “This one is particularly ironic as it’s the first bit of cycling infrastructure you find approaching from the west after being welcomed to ‘Oxford - a cycling city’. It’s fine that you’ll get soaked or skid off on ice...”

Oxford Mail:

The cyclist, who is from West Oxford but did not want to be named, told the Oxford Mail: "It has been a problem for around two years now and it doesn't take a lot of water for it to overflow.

"It's not a good signal to cyclists entering the city on what is a very popular route."

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He added: "Maintenance is a major issue on cycle routes and it feels like not enough thought is put into how cyclists will be affected. The aspiration of being a cycling city is not meeting reality at the moment."

Jeremy Blanchard, responding to the Tweet, agreed with this sentiment, adding: “So easy to make statements and put up flashy boards and signs, delivery is of course a whole different thing!”

Oxford Mail:

Mick Phillips, sharing his own images of hazards along Botley Road, wrote: “That entrance point is a trap for water, and has been for at least two years.”

The West Oxford cyclist said he had first reported to the city and county authorities via website in November and initially received no response.

The issue was listed as ‘fixed’ by Oxfordshire County Council as of November 30 but was reopened last week following an updated complaint, which said: “Still floods and has also turned into dangerous ice during the cold weather.”

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A further response stated: “This report has been closed. However the issue was passed to the relevant team and is in the current schedule for programmed works.”

Oxford City Council spokesman Tony Ecclestone confirmed this was the case and said: "We are aware of the problem and have lowered the gully cover to allow water to flow more easily. We are monitoring the effectiveness of the work and if necessary we will return to carry out further work."

It comes after Gordon Woods complained not enough was being done to protect cyclists in the city after he and another rider crashed on a ‘treacherous’ bike lane along Cowley Road last month.

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He hit a patch of ice on the cycle lane and pedestrian footpath, which is between Bartlemas Close and Southfield Road, injuring his head after he ‘fell heavily’ on his left side.