A CYCLIST has complained not enough is being done to protect people after he and another rider crashed on a ‘treacherous’ bike lane along Cowley Road yesterday.

Gordon Woods was using the cycle lane and pedestrian footpath, which is between Bartlemas Close and Southfield Road, at around 7.30am when he hit a patch of ice opposite the old Regal cinema.

He said: "My bike slid away from me and I landed heavily on my left hand side, banging my head. I was very glad I was wearing a cycle helmet - even so, it now has dents in it, and I'll need to buy a new one."

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He added it was an ongoing issue on the stretch, saying: "There is often standing water between the Regal and Bartlemas Close because the drainage has never been sorted out properly.

"I assumed it was just water this morning but it was actually a sheet of ice. There is yet another Thames Water leak in the road, drivers have been splashing onto the pavement, where it has frozen."

Warning fellow cyclists and pedestrians on social media, he tweeted to both Oxford City Council and Oxfordshire County Council asking :"When will you sort out the drainage and remove this ice hazard?"

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The county authority, responding to the tweet, asked Mr Woods, who had been on his way to Oxford Station, to report the issue via website fixmystreet.

His partner Tony Brett, describing the path as 'totally treacherous', filled in a complaint about the issue on the site, writing: “My partner and someone else both slid off their bikes this morning on this appalling ice on the cycle path between Bartlemas Close and Southfield Road on Cowley Road, causing personal injury and smashing a bike helmet."

He added the area was 'always wet and never gritted' and that he was not sure if the wetness was run-off from the hill and allotments behind or a leak but it collected because the pavement was 'badly deformed' and stays wet 'for weeks' after rain.

He ended: “Please give this urgent attention before any more accidents happen. They could be life changing or life ending if someone slides into the path of a bus.”

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Oxfordshire County Council responded: “Oxford Direct Services staff have been out to spot grit locations where ice had persisted.

“Unfortunately we do not hand grit any cycle ways, foot ways or bridges as part of our routine gritting routes. However, we will undertake reactive work on a case by case basis when required.”

Speaking to the Oxford Mail, Mr Brett said: "I was pleased to see how quickly the area was gritted but it is a shame cycle paths aren't regularly gritted, especially a popular route like this one."

Mr Woods agreed gritting and a 'more active' approach to leaks by Thames Water was needed, saying: “I absolutely agree that marked cycle paths should be gritted in this weather; I think I have escaped more serious injury than bruising, but it could easily have been a lot worse.

"But Thames Water should also be much more active in fixing leaks so that hazards like this can’t develop.”

Thames Water spokeswoman Abby Turner said: "We were sorry to hear about the accidents involving the cyclists.

"We’ve investigated the leak and will be carrying out repairs on Wednesday night to minimize disruption to traffic. We’ll be gritting the road tonight as the temperature is set to drop."