OXFORD County Council has not yet been able to say when it might fix the long-term damage to Littlemore roundabout - but officers have confirmed they are trying to get funding to fix the road surface.

The deteriorating state of the traffic island on the Eastern by-pass was highlighted on Thursday by the Oxford Mail, using images from google maps over the last few years.

Oxford Mail online readers have labelled the roundabout as ‘an embarrassment’; ‘a mess’; and ‘a joke’.

The junction is used by thousands of residents and visitors each day and has been left in a state of disrepair after seemingly bearing the brunt of a number of impacts.

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When approached to ask if repairs were planned, Oxfordshire County Council which is responsible for the upkeep of the roundabout was not able to provide an update on the island itself, however, a spokesperson did say the condition of the road surface had been ‘highlighted and officers are looking at funding to fix that element’.

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Commenting on our original online story one reader said: “The whole thing’s a mess and looks uncared for.

“Dirty, falling apart and not fit for purpose, like much of the county’s road network.”

While another reader wrote: “What an embarrassment.

“The local council should be ashamed.

“This is a main route around the city seen by millions of visitors to and through Oxford every year. I sit in the queue for 30 mins every day.

“The whole stretch of bypass is a joke.”

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