ONE of Oxford’s busiest roundabouts has been left in a damaged state for at least the last two years after a number of vehicles have crashed in it.

The Littlemore roundabout on the Eastern by-pass is used by thousands of residents and visitors to Oxford every day and after bearing the brunt of a number of impacts now looks to be in a fairly dilapidated state.

The worsening damage can be tracked on google from 2016 with the surface and signage facing westbound traffic becoming increasingly worse for wear over the last two or three years.


Oxford Mail:

In 2016 the roundabout can be seen in good condition. Signage is clear and undamaged while road markings are bright and clear to see.


Oxford Mail:

In 2017 the brick work at the foot of the island is damaged while almost half of the signage had disappeared completely.

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What looks to be a traffic light post lays strewn on the grass.


Oxford Mail:

Pictures taken by Oxford Mail photographer Ed Nix today show further damage to the brickwork with the traffic signage in a serious state of disrepair.

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Oxford Mail:

One sign has been completely uprooted, while others again lay abandoned in the middle of the island.

Last year concerns were raised about the faded road markings at the roundabout which residents said made it difficult for drivers to stay in their lane.