A TATTOO shop in Headington has shut and deleted its Facebook page leaving a trail of irate customers who say they are owed 'thousands' in refunds.

Amy Day, who purchased an £80 voucher in November from Oxford Ink Custom Tattoos for her partner as a Christmas present, said she was still waiting for a refund.

The 27-year-old said: “It’s been a nightmare. I bought the voucher because it was half price and seemed like a really good deal but there were conditions that were never mentioned about when it could be used.

"It was false advertising and I still haven't had my money back despite being told so many times it would be returned. The owner Daniel Hall even blocked me on Facebook."

The mum-of-three added: "There were lots of people like me posting on the shop's page, he must owe thousands."

Another customer, who did not want to be named, said he had been chasing the return of a deposit on a tattoo since October but was constantly told different reasons why the money could not be handed over.

He said: "It was all just stalling tactics."

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In a post on the shop's Facebook page last week, Mr Hall said he had closed the Roundway store but would reopen at a new location at the end of the month.

He said he had been through a ‘tough patch’ due to the loss of his father and blamed others for issues at the shop, apologising to those affected and vowing to pay people back.

He added: “It’s my fault for putting people in charge of something I created and letting them completely destroy it.”

The Oxford Mail attempted to contact Mr Hall and the shop via its Facebook page but received no response.

The page was entirely removed from the social media site on Thursday night and the shop’s number is no longer working.

Companies house shows a business called Oxford Ink Headington Ltd, listed at the 7a Roundway address, was formally dissolved on September 4.

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Mr Hall is however not listed, only a Jay Swain.

In his last post on the shop page Mr Hall promised all those owed money would receive it by the end of February but Miss Day said she is not hopeful, saying: “It feels like it has been one excuse after another."