TELEVISION fans have been giving their verdict on Endeavour, after the Oxford-filmed series returned to screens last night. 

The ITV show entered its sixth series on Sunday, with fans being hugely positive about the drama on social media. 

Terence Farquharson said it was 'a joy' to watch, praising the acting, filming, sound, lighting and costuming. 

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In a series of tweets with behind the scenes images, Nasir Hamid showed some impressive photography. 

Praise for the show flowed in over Twitter. 

Kathy Spall added that her Oxford 'Moggy Minor' would suit the show. 

Following the dissolution of Oxford City Police and the merging with Thames Valley Constabulary in season five, the latest instalment, set in 1969, sees the team finding their feet in various new roles.

There was some minor criticism focussed around the police station, though.

Actor Roger Allam tweeted his anticipation of the series ahead of the latest airing.