A singer/songwriter who married what she says was the ghost of a Victorian soldier says they are divorced less than a year later.

Brocarde, a goth poet and performer originally from Witney, met "devilishly handsome" Edwardo when he "burst" into her bedroom "one dark and stormy night".

She said: "It's funny because I did not necessarily believe in ghosts. I wasn't one of those strange people who would sit there every evening with a ouija board looking to contact the dead. 

"I was open which I think is why he may have latched on to me."

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She said: "I was unsettled and unable to sleep. I tossed and turned, preoccupied by an argument I’d had with a friend, it was an upsetting night and rain was lashing at the windows.

"Out of nowhere I felt an intense burning in my heart."

A warm breath on her neck then whispered 'I love you' before the spirit departed and the room fell cold.

Brocarde posted a video of their wedding ceremony on Instagram where she was seen dressed in black at the Asylum Chapel in London on Halloween in 2022 with an empty space where Edwardo was said to have been standing.


However, their honeymoon in Barry Island, Wales, was "disastrous".

Brocarde said Edwardo would become increasingly possessive and would switch between being "warm and intense" and threatening.

She said: "After our initial meeting Edwardo slowly revealed more about himself to me.

"I saw his images as a Victorian solider, he was always in his uniform, even on our wedding day, his face is devilishly handsome, shoulder length unruly hair, he looks lived in, well worn, troubled almost, there's a pain attached to his being."

But she said he had an unsettling fascination with Marilyn Monroe.

"He’d disappear for days on end and reappear, smelling of Chanel No 5," she said.

Her latest single “Just Another Anthem” - which is her empowering divorce track - is out now. 

The fashion designer, whose dresses and jackets with her lyrics and poetry embroidered across the chest have been worn by Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, sang about the chaos Covid-19 created in a track called World Upside Down.

It was praised by Whitesnake's David Coverdale for its dynamic style at the crossroads of opera and heavy metal.

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In 2020 the trained opera vocalist obtained listed building consent for repair work at North Leigh windmill which used to belong to her great grandfather.

She planned to create a recording studio with a luxury entertainment and accommodation.

She said: “I decided to buy the North Leigh windmill as it has been a family legacy of mine for years.

“I grew up with the tower in the background and I used to play in the field surrounding it, I was always aware of how special it was to have a windmill in the family.