Laura Hollitzer has written a letter complaining about the 'appalling' damage to South Park in Oxford following the fireworks display at the weekend.

Thousands of people attended the South Park fireworks on Saturday. 

I wonder how many have visited the park since to see the appalling damage the park has suffered from the organisers, Oxford Round Table. 

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Their contractors used have driven heavy farm machinery all over the park, not staying in one track.

Christian Petersen of the Round Table says says that everything will be ok by Christmas as the park maintenance just need to go over the ground with a roller. 

Oxford Mail: The fireworks at South ParkNo-one will be able to do anything with it until the ground dries out. 

Last year’s damage wasn’t rolled until the Spring and it was no where near as bad as this year. 

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In effect the park is inaccessible to anyone with mobility problems or who uses a mobility buggy.

These contractors have also kept the bonfire burning through the weekend and all day on Monday by feeding it with lorry loads of straw and pallets.

Our park, gifted in perpetuity for the benefit of the people of Oxford, not owned by the council as your reporter suggests, is not intended to be a tip for the farmer who I believe supplied the tractors and manpower for this event.

Mr Petersen says he hopes a substantial donation will be given to local charities, a worthy goal but that does not give the Round Table the right to ride rough shod over the park nor does it excuse the damage and mess created, which when the Round Table leave the park, the residents and city council will have to live with and repair and presumably pay for. 

Laura Hollitzer

Address supplied 

Editor's note: According to the council the cost of the work will be covered by the Round Table, with no costs accruing to the council.

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