This is a reader's letter sent to the Oxford Mail by the Divinity Road Area Residents’ Association Committee.

Last week a new set of sturdier bollards has been installed in the Divinity Road Area.

With these a sense of calm and normality has returned to our streets.

Since May last year, a minority of drivers have used every opportunity to remove any barriers on the streets, drive dangerously and abuse residents who tried to keep the LTN trial going and streets safe for cyclists and pedestrians.

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LTNs can be inconvenient, but as this week’s IPCC report has shown, our energy use is creating far more damage to our world than the inconvenience of using alternative means of transport.

The Divinity Road Area Residents’ Association is grateful to county council leadership, local councillors and staff who have worked hard to maintain some semblance of an LTN in our area, despite the hostility they faced. 

Divinity Road Area Residents’ Association Committee