I would like to say I have some sympathy with the Rev Tim Hewes of Wantage, after reading in last week's Herald about his protest highlighting the climate emergency our planet is facing. 

He quite rightly criticizes our government's inadequate reaction in dealing with the crisis but also makes it abundantly clear that the total inaction of the God he is desperately trying to maintain belief in, is testing his faith to the limit.

If we assume God does exist, I would say that his lack of intervention in the global warming issue is the same as with so many other natural tragedies in the past: once again he sits on his hands, looks the other way and does nothing. Either that, or God does not and never has existed. 

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There is no record of God coming to the rescue of human life from any past natural disaster and it is not going to happen now, even with the horrendous consequences of the current threat. 

Only the collaboration of powerful national governments will bring the impending catastrophe under control.

The wealth of the international capitalist system can bring the situation back from the brink, but will the insatiable greed of the powerful individuals who control that structure be pro-active in time? 

Perhaps they will treat the rest of us with the utter contempt they always have done and simply buy a new luxury abode higher up the mountain.

Yours faithfully,

Keith S.