Dear Sir,

The thunderous clap of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s shocking report landing on the desks of those at the top of the Oxford Colleges and University must surely have given them all cause for serious thought.

The future of all the young people under their care, and more importantly their responsibility to educate and guide them to help make the world a better place is starkly laid out.

The graduates of this city will be among the leaders of the future who have to deal with the actions of this generation of leaders, who are young enough to have grown up with the repeated warnings of potential catastrophe.

It is not too late for them and the city council to redeem their long term reputation with the people Oxford and their students by reversing the most damaging of their plans to build on essential green belt in north Oxford.

It would take great leadership to do this after the costs that have already been borne but these are unprecedented times and great leaders recognise that by doing the right thing they will inspire others to follow suit.

Peter Hehir


Trying to defend the indefensible

Considering that climate heating is upon us with a vengeance, the pictures of new housing in the August 5th edition of your paper made interesting viewing.

No solar panels, no water butts and presumably no heat pumps.

Housebuilders need to act NOW to install these energy-saving measures.

Don't they realise that they will be selling points?

Far more effective than 'classic design, open-plan family/kitchen area and garage.' And speaking of garages, it's time electric charging points for cars were being fitted as standard.

There is a role for planning departments here, as well as builders. What are you all going to do about it?

Mavis Curtis