No consideration for welfare of animals YOUR article (Oxford Mail, February 2), headlined ‘Badgering the Builders to Save our Wild Friends’, was depressing in the extreme, but highly predictable.

Those who gathered in Oxford in support of continued mass immigration into this small island evidently believe that ours is the only species worthy of consideration. Animals do not even enter the equation, so it’s no use appealing to politicians of any party: The Tories are currently continuing the wholesale massacre of badgers on behalf of farmers who caused TB in their own cattle, and who now seek to scapegoat the wildlife, so the provision of vast numbers of new homes serves their agenda in continuing this war on our wildlife.

The cull is opposed by both the scientific community and the general public. The article mentions the increase in badgers killed on the roads, having been driven from their setts, although of course, farmers have been dumping their corpses by the roadsides for many years.

The hypocrisy of local Lib Dem and Green Party councillors who jump on the bandwagon of conservation by pretending concern for the Green Belt, while endorsing the massive increase in our population, knows no bounds – a classic example of Orwellian double-think. Perhaps these councillors could consider providing accommodation for immigrants in their own homes.

Alternatively, they could give support to some of the many beggars now on our streets, although, on second thoughts, they are mostly indigenous, so they don’t count – any more than the badgers.


Linkside Avenue Oxford