HAS foxhunting still got a valid role?

No, of course it hasn’t and never did except in the minds of those who regard wild animals as legitimate targets for their bloodthirsty quest for the thrill of the kill after a long and exhausting chase. And before anyone asks – no, I am not a ‘townie’. I was born in rural Essex and we lived within sight and sound of the local hunt kennels.

As a family, we despised the arrogant hunters and would often gleefully send them off in the wrong direction when asked if we had seen the fox.

Nothing has changed and under the tutelage of our foxhunting Prime Minister, nothing will.

In a letter I asked once whether our self-professed Christian brethren could envisage Jesus Christ, incarnate today, riding to hounds and delighting in the gory death of a beautiful animal at the behest of a minority of the population – surprise, surprise, answer came there none.

So I ask again: would Jesus Christ approve and delight in the cruel exploitation of animals perceived as legitimate quarry for the minority who love to kill?

Cuxham Road