WICKED weapons of mass destruction said to have been in Iraq, ready to launch in 45 minutes, according to Blair in a ‘dossier’, have now been replaced by weapons of ‘precision’ mass destruction.

These have been launched by the UK government in Syria, with an apparent army of 70,000 free Syrian desperados armed to the teeth, ready and waiting to take on and kill IS, Assad and co, Kurds, Russians and even Father Christmas, according to our PM.

Dr David Christopher Kelly was correct in exposing Blair’s dossier as ‘sexed up’ and if he was still alive now would no doubt say the same about the current ‘dossier’. Sadly dead men can’t speak.

We as a group have been looking into his untimely and suspicious death for four years now and hope to bring his case into Oxford Coroner’s Court and the public domain next year with some convincing evidence, based on FACT, not hypothesis, books, conspiracy, documentaries, or Lord Hutton’s conclusions.

Rest in peace, Dr Kelly. Vengeance will be yours soon.


Justice for Kelly (JFK Group)