COUNCILLOR David Nimmo-Smith hails the proposed £12.5m Access to Headington proposals as “great news for Headington”, but one has to ask: for whom?

The plans to remove more than 30 trees from Marsh Lane, Headley Way and Cherwell Drive will destroy some of the green landscape, which makes the area so pleasant, despite the traffic.

Removing parking in Headley Way and Cherwell Drive will make it difficult for residents, visitors and carers who need to be able to park near to their homes.

Parents of children at St Joseph’s School, which recently expanded to a two-form intake, will lose the short-term parking bays next to the school, so useful for dropping off and picking up.

People with mobility problems will struggle to reach the Cherwell Drive shops once part of the lower Headley Way footway is removed and they have to rely on the steep upper path.

These plans are being inflicted on people for some questionable benefits: a short length of bus lane along Cherwell Drive and some on-road cycle lanes, which many cyclists will be reluctant to use once the removal of parking speeds up the traffic.

The only two sensible proposals in this scheme are the replacement of the Cherwell Drive mini-roundabouts with traffic lights and a new pedestrian crossing by the JR. The consultation closes on August 7. We urge everybody concerned to submit their comments to the county council.

CLLR MARY CLARKSON, City Councillor, Marston Ward
CLLR ROY DARKE, City Councillor, Headington Hill and Northway Ward
CLLR MICK HAINES, City Councillor, Marston Ward
CLLR MARK LYGO, County Councillor, Marston and Northway Division
TIM CANN, Clerk to Old Marston Parish Council