THOSE among us who are unable to think for themselves through limited education, often make the mistake of assuming that none of us can survive without animal protein.

On the contrary, most of the food retail outlets all over the country are full of vegetable protein products which make it easy to live on a limited income without eating any animal produced.

Soya protein, for example, has been sustaining the vegetarian populations of the world for thousands of years.

Sadly, we continue to be brainwashed by the media into thinking that killing and eating animals is normal civilized behaviour, instead of confining such activity to the dustbin of medieval history.

How can we believe we are superior to the animal kingdom when we continue to act like the very worst kind of evil predator?

Research by the BBC’s Horizon programme provided proof that the healthiest and longest living communities across the world continue to live entirely on vegetable protein without animal produce ever passing their lips.

This is not hearsay or some fairy tale dreamed up by ‘hippies’. It is substantiated fact.

In years to come, as more people realise this, rearing animal produce will become the new ‘smoking’ and the National Health Service will benefit by people living longer, healthier lives.

Overweight, unhealthy meat eaters will be a thing of the past that will shame all future generations.

The first people to benefit from this will be the starving, who are forced to see their food and water fed to animals, in turn fed to already overweight westerners who continue to ignore this gross injustice with their heads firmly stuck in the sand.


Great Clarendon Street