THE Black Prince have one hand on the Oxford & District Premier Section title after beating The Swan A 3-0.

The table-toppers won the opening leg 28-23, before Roger Goodall’s six helped them go 2-0 up with a 23-21 triumph.

The final leg went to a three-stick shoot-out and the Prince set a formidable 15, which was more than enough to claim a maximum victory.

Goodall top-scored with 15 dolls (5-6-4), while Keith Powell was the star man for The Swan with 14 (5-5-4).

North Leigh FC were on top form as they whitewashed Garsington Sports Club 3-0.

Chasing in every leg, they won 27-26, 27-23, 28-23 as Charlie Buckingham clanged off 15 dolls (6-4-5) and Jeff Glenister bagged himself a six in his haul of 14 (3-6-5).

Section One leaders The Blackbird B suffered a shock 2-1 home defeat to The Ampleforth Arms A, who recovered from losing the opener 17-13 to strike back 18-13, 17-16.

Section Two leaders Red Lion B did just enough to beat Donnington A, who are propping up the table.

In a low-scoring game, the table-toppers won all three legs 12-10, 15-10, 18-16.

Second-placed Six Bells A dropped a valuable point at home to Vikings A, as Mick Holton top-scored for the visitors with 13 dolls (5-4-4).

Gladiators B’s winning run continued with a 3-0 triumph over The Chequers B that virtually extinguished their opponents’ title hopes.

The game was much closer than the scoreline suggests as the visitors’ one-doll handicap saw them take all three legs 22-21, 18-17, 19-18, while Ian Gillett whipped off a rare six for The Chequers.

Mark Poulter hit 13 dolls (4-5-4) for Red Lion A Yarnton at The Seacourt Bridge, but a 2-1 loss with leg scores of 19-16, 16-19, 22-20. dented their title hopes.


Premier/Section One: Gladiators A 2, New Club 1.

Section Two: Queens Head 0, Chequers A 3.

Section Three: Cricketers 0, Vikings B 3; Donnington B 1, The George B 2; Red Lion A 0, Masons Arms A 3; The Blackbird A 1, The Catherine Wheel 2.

Section Four: Rose Hill 2, Six Bells B 1; Red Lion B 2, Duke of Monmouth 1; Six Bells Quarry 1, Six Bells C 2; The Tandem 2, Bletchington Sports 1.

Section Five: White Horse 1, Cricketers 2; Northway B 1, Golden Ball 2; Red Lion 0, Northway C 3; Littlemore RFC 2, Swan C 1.

SIXERS: R Goodall (Black Prince), K Giles, M Cook (Gladiators A), I Gillett (Chequers B), C Buckingham, J Glenister (North Leigh FC).

BLOBBERS: S Mulvany (Northway B), M Colley (Cricketers Arms), A Gorge (The Blackbird B), R Blacker (Vikings B).

TOP DOLL SCORERS: 15: R Goodall (Black Prince), C Buckingham (North Leigh FC); 14: K Powell (Swan A), K Giles (Gladiators A), T Eeles (Rose Hill), J Glenister (North Leigh FC); 13: M Cook (Gladiators A), M Holton (Vikings A), M Poulter (Red Lion A Yarnton).