EVERY section of the Oxford & District League is up for grabs as we head into the final four weeks of the season.

Premier leaders Black Prince boosted their title hopes with a 2-1 home win over Gladiators A, the only team to beat them this summer.

A 29-23 opening-leg triumph was followed by a victory on three sticks in the second, before Gladiators took the third 26-24.

Phil Austin was top dog for the Prince with 14 dolls (3-5-6), with teammate Rob Bradford adding a baker’s dozen (5-4-4).

The Swan A are only four points behind with a game in hand, but they could only beat Garsington Sports 2-1.

The title challengers won the opening leg 3-2 on one stick, before setting just 16 in the second as the sports club levelled.

Swan won the decider 21-17 to keep the pressure on.

The Blackbird B went four points clear at the top of Section One as they stopped a run of three defeats with a 2-1 home triumph over New Club.

They took the first two legs 23-20 and 22-19, before their opponents snatched the third 22-21.

Red Lion B Kidlington stay top of Section Two after beating close rivals Queens Head 2-1.

They had to rely on a three-stick shoot-out after drawing the opener 19-19 and lost the next leg 21-20, but claimed the decider 23-17.

Six Bells A are just a point behind after beating title contenders Chequers B 2-1.

Alan Surman clanged off 15 dolls (5-5-5) for Bells, while Chris Webb hit 14 (5-5-4) for Chequers.

Gladiators B’s fine form continued with a 2-1 home victory over Chequers A, Keith Tanner managing a rare six in his ten-doll haul.

Seacourt Bridge grabbed a 3-0 triumph at Vikings A, with leg wins of 22-17, 20-14, 19-16.


Premier/Section One: George A 1, North Leigh FC 2.

Section Two: Donnington Club A 0, Red Lion A 3; Vikings A 0, Seacourt Bridge 3.

Section Three: Masons Arms A 2, Catherine Wheel 1; Cowley Workers A 1, George B 2; Ampleforth Arms B 0, Blackbird A 3; Vikings B 3, Donnington Club B 0; Red Lion A 3, Cricketers 0.

Section Four: Six Bells C 0, Bletchington Club 3; Red Lion B 2, The Tandem 1; Kidlington FC 1, Rose Hill Club 2; Six Bells Quarry 2, Masons Arms B 1; Duke Of Monmouth 2, Six Bells B 1.

Section Five: Swan C 3, White Hart 0; Cricketers Arms 1, Northway Club B 2; Littlemore RFC 1, White Horse 2; Northway Club C 2, Golden Ball 1.

SIXERS: P Austin (Black Prince), K Tanner (Gladiators B), K Henwood (Queens Head), S Tooke (Catherine Wheel), W Waite (Blackbird B), C Buckingham (North Leigh FC).

BLOBBERS: C Warman (George B), D Edmonds (Six Bells C), D Stansfield (Cricketers Littleworth), M Lyons (Masons Arms B), D Woodward (White Hart).

TOP DOLL SCORERS: 15: A Surman (Six Bells A); 14: P Austin (Black Prince), C Webb (Chequers B), A Baker (Donnington Club A); 13: R Bradford (Black Prince), S Tooke (Catherine Wheel).