OXFORD Chargers boosted their play-off challenge with an impressive 47-42 win at National Development League rivals Kent Royals.

The visitors were more dominant than the scoreline suggested and wrapped up victory with a 5-0 in heat 12.

Chargers stay fourth in the table, but the gap to fifth-placed Kent is now four points – although the latter have contested three fewer meetings.

The result was a triumph of teamwork as several riders collected good hauls, to the delight of manager Peter Schroeck.

He said: “Kent’s team is quite top heavy, with riders who bring home the big points, especially later in the meeting.

“On the other hand, I think our team has quite a nice balance. When I say to the lads ‘no last places’, it’s something we can achieve and then end up on the winning side.

“You can get greedy, because it looked like we could pick up the fourth league point but we didn’t quite get it.

“But we did what we came here to do, which was to pick up the away victory and the three points. It was a very important result, and I couldn’t be prouder of the team.”

Captain Jordan Jenkins was allowed to compete after a positive Covid test was followed by subsequent negative results, while Luke Crang guested for Nathan Stoneman.

The meeting took place in the midday heat and Chargers adapted better to the conditions, going 14-4 up after three races.

They started with two 5-1s as Arran Butcher and Jacob Clouting matched Jenkins and Henry Atkins’ flying start.

Kent hit back with a 5-1 in the fourth heat but the visitors kept the hammer down and went 30-18 in front with eight races gone.

Chargers packed out second and third places in the following heats to stay ten points ahead, before Sam Hagon and Butcher claimed a 5-0 in the 12th to seal victory.

Kent came on strong late in the meeting and Ben Morley completed a paid maximum, but the visitors were worthy winners.


Kent Royals 42: Alfie Bowtell 13, Ben Morley 12+3, Connor King 6, Danno Verge 6, Jamie Halder 4, Chris Watts 1, Sam Woolley r/r.

Oxford Chargers 47: Henry Atkins 9+2, Jordan Jenkins 8+1, Jody Scott 8+1, Arran Butcher 8+1, Sam Hagon 7+1, Luke Crang 4+1, Jacob Clouting 3+1.

National Development League points: Kent 0, Oxford 3.