Dennis Butler (4-6-6) clanged off 16 dolls as the George Littlemore severely dented the White House's Premier Section title chances in the Greene King Oxford & District League with a 2-1 victory, writes ANDY BEAL.

Butler missed with his first two sticks, but then hit his next 18 dolls as he also had a six in the beer leg.

The first leg was tied 27-27 with The George taking it on three sticks 17-15.

White House came storming back to win the second leg 32-23.

White House then set 27 in the decider, but the George's anchorman Willy Waite hit the winning dolls to see his side home by the odd doll.

Young Liam Purcell and Colin Pollard whipped off sixes for Kings Arms in their 2-1 defeat over New Club.

Pollard (5-4-6) ended up with 15 dolls in a 25-19, 23-20, 22-24 scoreline.

The top two clashed in Section 1, with leaders Three Pigeons coming from behind to beat Garsington Sports 2-1.

Garsington's Ken Maunder (5-6-4) top-scored with 15 dolls.

Steve Tooke (6-4-4) chalked up 14 dolls to lead Chequers to a 2-1 home win over White House B in Section 3.

The Chequers set 24 in the first leg, and White House anchorman John Gilman was left six to tie it.

He clanged off the first five dolls, but fell just short with the sixth to leave Chequers with the early advantage.

Chequers took the second leg 20-18 with the White House winning the last 22-17.

Michael Jordan (4-4-5) was top dog for the White House with 13 dolls.

In Section 4, the Bull came from behind to pip Rose Hill Dwarfs 2-1.

The Dwarfs took the opening leg 19-18. The second was tied 22-22 with the Bull taking it on three sticks.

Lead-off man Clive Tutton then whipped off a six as the Bull set 22 in the decider, which proved two too many for Rose Hill.

Section 5 leaders Lord Kitchener B lost 2-1 at the Blackbird, who took the first two legs 22-20, 17-16.

Dave Lewis (4-4-4) top-scored with 12 dolls.

Chandos Arms A won two legs on three-stick shoot-outs as they beat Crown A 2-1.

Section 8 leaders Black Horse crashed 2-1 at the White Hart.

Johnathan Hall (4-3-3) led the way for White Hart, while Tony Nichols (4-4-4) hit a dozen for Black Horse.

Kings Arms Ladies' Tracy Denton (4-3-4) leads the top doll scorers in Section 11 after hitting an impressive 11 in a 2-1 defeat at home to George A Botley.

COMPETITION PLAY-OFF DATES Mon, Aug 18: Greene King Cup (Cricketers, Temple Cowley).

Mon, Aug 18: Jim Whitbread Cup (Florence Park Community Centre).

Sun, Aug 31: Parent & Child (Fairview Inn).

Mon, Sept 1: Singles & Pairs (Garsington Sports Club).

Mon, Sept 8: Monty Greennaway Fours (George Littlemore).

RESULTS Premier/Section 1: White House A 1, George A 1; New Club A 1, Kings Arms 2; Gladiators A 0, Cricketers B 3; Garsington Sports 1, Three Pigeons 2; Red Lion A 3, Woodman 0.

Section 2: Black Swan A 3, New Club B 0; George B 1, Kidlington Sports B 2; Turners Arms 3, Tiddington Cricket 0; Plough 2, Six Bells 1; Royal Sun 2, Red Lion 1.

Section 3: Quarry Gate B 0, Vikings Sports B 3; Chequers B 2, White House B 1; Gardiner Arms 1, Donnington Club A 2; Green Road Club 2, Cowley Con Club 1.

Section 4: Masons A 2, Chequers A 1; Vikings Sports A 3, Quarry Gate A 0; Red Lion Islip 2, Red Lion B Eynsham 1; Rose Hill Dwarfs 1, Bull 2; Golden Ball B 1, Cowley Workers 2.

Section 5: Kidlington Sports A 2, Vikings Sports C 1; Crown A 1, Chandos Arms A 2; Whitmore Arms 3, Red Lion Garsington 0; Highfield A 1, Dogwood 2; Blackbird 2, Lord Kitchner B 1.

Section 6: Red Lion 3, Team Monarch 0; Democrats 0, Nelson A 3; Nut Tree 2, Golden Ball A 1; Kennington Club A 2, Queens Head 1; Cricketers Arms A 3, Brill Club A 0.

Section 7: Brill Club B 1, Crown B 2; Blacks Head 0, Plough B 3; Eight Bells 3, Highfield B 0; Unicorn 0, Barley Mow 3; Ashton 1, Red Cow 2.

Section 8: Chandos Arms B 2, Chequers C 1; Six Bells A 1, Jolly Postboys 2; White Hart 2, Black Horse A 1; Red Lion Wendlebury 1, Kings Arms 2; Cricketers A 3, Gladiators B 0.

Section 9: Cavalier A 0, Red Lion B Cassington 3; Nelson B 2, Masons B 1; Littlemore Rugby 2, Fairview B 1; Somerset House 1, Red Lion Wolvercote 2; Shelley 3, Headington BL 0.

Section 10: Plough A 3, Cricketers Arms B 0; Red Lion A Cassington 2, Kidlington Sports C 1; Yarnton BL 0, Red Lion C Eynsham 3; Fox 0, Northway 3; Donnington Club B 2, Catherine Wheel 1.

Section 11: Folly Bridge 0, White Hart 3; Kings Arms Ladies 1, George Inn A 2; Chequers D 3, Black Swan B 0; Jolly Sportsman 3, Kennington Club B 0; Black Horse B 2, Donnington Arms 1.

Section 12: JR Club 0, Six Bells B 3; Prince of Wales Iffley 0, Jack Russell 3; Railway Club 3, Oxford Rugby Club 0.

SIXERS D Butler (George A) 2, L Purcell, C Pollard (Kings Arms), B Gilding (New Club B), K Maunder (Garsington Sports), P Goulding, J Townsend, D Sellar (Cricketers B), S Tooke (Chequers B), C Tutton (Bull), S Jenkins (Chequers A), M Jeacock (Cricketers Arms A) R Taylor (Red Lion Brill).

BLOBBERS D Cross, M Thompson (Democrats), L Grove (Golden Ball A), M Cowing, S Arden (Unicorn), S Chambers (Highfield B), D. Jones (Red Lion Wendlebury), D Fulham (Headington BL), D Byrne (Yarnton BL), M Smith (Kennington Club B), A Kimber (JR Club), A Risk (Folly Bridge).