John Weller clanged off two sixes for Royal Sun as they beat Tiddington Cricket Club 3-0 in Section 2.

Sun took all three legs 22-20, 19-15, 24-22, with Weller ending up with 14 dolls.

Mick Dawson whipped off 15 dolls, but still ended up on the losing side as Six Bells lost at home to Turners Arms 3-0.

Keith Bradford top-scored for Turners Arms with 13 dolls as they ran out winners 27-15, 20-18, 22-19.

In Section 3, Gardeners Arms needed a three-stick play-off to beat Cowley Conservative Club.

Cons set the first two legs with 17 and 13 with Gardeners winning them on the three sticks.

Gardeners set a 26 final leg, with Cons mustering only eight.

Garry Rees hit 14 dolls as Blackbird beat Red Lion Garsington 2-1 in Section 5.

They won the opener 20-17, lost the next 11-18, but won the last 25-13.

Highfield Club scored a doll more doll than Lord Kitchener, but still lost 2-1.

They took the first leg 24-21, before Kitchener levelled at 22-21.

Highfield anchorman Keith Vickers whipped off the four dolls to level, but Kitchener sealed it on a three-stick shoot-out.

Pete Stroud hit 12 dolls as Democrats beat Brill Club 3-0 in Section 6.

RESULTS CHECK Premier/Section 1: White House A 3, Kings Arms 0; Cricketers A 3, Red Lion A 0; George A 3, New Club A 0; Woodman 1, Garsington Sports 2; Three Pigeons 2, Gladiators 1.

Section 2: New Club B 1, George B 2; Black Swan A 0, Kidlington Sports B 3; Red Lion Brill 0, Plough 3; Six Bells 0, Turners Arms 3; Tiddington Cricket 0, Royal Sun 3.

Section 3: Donnington Club A 2, Fairview Inn A 1; Vikings Sports B 2, Chequers B 1; Cowley Con Club 0, Gardiners Arms 3; North Oxford Con 0, Green Road Club 3.

Section 4: Red Lion B 2, Golden Ball B 1; Masons Rams A 3, Quarry Gate B 0; Cowley Worlds 3, Rose Hill Dwarfs 0; Chequers A 2, Vikings Sports A 1.

Section 5: Lord Kitchener B 2, Highfield Club A 1; Kidlington Sports A 2, Chandos Arms A 1; Dogwood 2, Whitemore Arms 1; Red Lion 1, Blackbird 2; Vikings C 3, Crown A 0.

Section 6: Queens Head 1, Red Lion 2; Team Monarch 2, Nut Tree 1; Democrats Club 3, Brill Club A 0; Golden Ball A 0, Kennington Club 3.

Section 7: Highfield Club B 2, Ashton Club 1; Barley Mow 2, Eight Bells 1; Crown B 1, Blacks Head Inn 2; Red Cow 2, Unicorn Inn 1.

Section 8: Black Horse A 1, Cricketers A 2; Chandos Arms B 1, Jolly Postboys 2; Kings Arms 3, White Hart 0; Chequers C 2, Six Bells 1; Gladiators B 1, Red Lion 2.

Section 9: Fairview Inn B 3, Shelley Arms 0; Red Lion Wolv 3, Littlemore Rugby 0; Cavalier A 1, Masons B 2.

Section 10: Red Lion C 2, Donnington Club B 1; Plough A 2, Kidlington Sports 1.

Section 11: Kings Arms Ladies 3, Black Swan B 0; White Hart 1, Jolly Sportsmen 2; Kennington Club B 0, Black Horse B 3; Donnington Arms 2, Folly Bridge 1; George A 0, Chequers D 3.

Section 12: Jack Russell 3, Kite 0; John Radcliffe Club 2, Cavalier B 1; PoW Horspath Rd 0, Railway Club 3; Oxford Rugby Club 3, PoW Iffley 0.

SIXERS J Weller (2), (Royal Sun), D Walsh, R Goodall, S Ward (White House), D Green (Black Swan), K Quinell (Kidlington Sports), P Shepherd (George B), D Naylor (Masons Arms), C Blunt (Fairview Inn), N Pratley (Woodman), D Townsend, N Lyon (Three Pigeons), P Adams (Cricketers), D Leopold (Gardiner Arms), G Rees (The Blackbird).

BLOBBERS M Wilson (Chandos Arms B), J Crump (Jolly Sportsmen), M Grey (Kite Inn), P Ebberson (Kennington Club), J Butler (White Hart), P Pearson (Highfield Club), M Crook (Nut Tree), C Russell (Eight Bells), J Perron (Unicorn Inn), S Hodges (Red Cow), B Reidy (Cavalier), D Norris (Folly Bridge), S Paull (George Botley), S Cox, J Turner, S Cox (Cavalier B), E Minns, S Devey (Cavalier B), C Matan, D Lynes, C Patterson, P McDemett, C Matan, D Lynes, C Patterson, P McDemett (PoW Horspath), B Coupland (PoW Iffley).