Clare Car Hire slayed Gladiators 6-0 to be crowned champions in the Gladiators Beer Seller Friday League.

With Cricketers losing 4-2 to Pips, it means Calre Car Hire have an unassailable seven-point lead with one week left.

Kevin Giles led the way fror Clare Car Hire in their win with 13 dolls, while John Townsend clanged off a six.

Tony Barrett starred with 14 dolls as Jelly Tots beat Towler Hall 6-0 to keep their title hopes alive in the George Lowe League at Cowley Conservative Club.

The Reds maintained their eight-point lead at the top with a 6-0 win over the Worzels, Dennis Butler notching 13 dolls.

Gareth Williams included a six in his 12 dolls for the Worzels.

Bill Brandon rolled back the years with a fine 12 dolls to lead Holden & Parker to a 6-0 win over the Cowley Conners.

His tally was matched by Gary Chamberlain as he anchored the Littlemore Outsiders to a 5-1 win over the Marston RBL.

In the Kidlington Indoor League, Punchbowl's Ray Barson and Mick Berry are through to the semi-finals along with Laurie Scarrett (Kidlington OB) and Peter Dempsey (North Oxford CC).

RESULTS George Lowe League: Holden & Parker 6, Cowley Conners 0; Reds 6, Worzels 0; Towler Hall 0, Jelly Tots 6; Littlemore Outsiders 5, Marston RBL 1. Top scorer: Tony Barrett (Jelly Tots) 14. Sixers: Tony Barrett (Jelly Tots), Gareth Williams (Worzels).

Gladiators Beer Seller Friday League: The Ox 4, Cowley Workers 2; Gladiators 0, Clare Car Hire 6; Jolly Postboys 2, Garsington 4; Pips 4, Cricketers 2. Top scorer: Kevin Giles (Clare Car Hire) 13. Sixers: Kevin Neal (Ox), John Townsend (Clare Car Hire).