Kevin Giles starred with 16 dolls as Clare Car Hire's top-of-the-table clash with Cricketers in the Gladiators Beer Seller Friday League ended in a 3-3 draw.

With the two sides sharing the spoils, Cricketers remain three points clear.

Giles was well supported by Barry Townsed with 14 dolls - a tally matched by Cricketers' Phil Adams.

In the Banbury League, Deddington lifted the Neil West Memorial Trophy with a 2-1 win over Grimsbury in the final.

Darren Kettle, Trevor Dyer, Ken Hawtin, Graham Timms and Geoff Barrett led the way for Deddington.

Tony Barrett missed the chance of a maximum for Jelly Tots in the George Lowe League.

Barrett hit two sixers, but could only manage three in the final leg.


Banbury Indoor League's Neil West Memorial Trophy: General Foods 2, Banbury 0; Bowling Green 1, Grimsbury 2; Tysoe SC 0, Deddington 2; George w/o Banbury; Bowling Green 2, George 0; General Foods 1, Deddington 2; Grimsbury 2, George 0; Banbury 2, Tysoe SC 0. Final: Deddington 2, Grimsbury 1.

George Lowe League: The Worzels 1, The Reds 5; Jelly Tots 6, Cowley Conners 0; Holden & Parker 5, Marston RBL 1; Littlemore Outsiders 2,Towler Hall 4. Top dolls: T Barrett (Jelly Tots) 15 (twice). Sixers: T Barrett 2 (Jelly Tots), Nigel DeBanks (The Reds).

Gladiators Beer Seller Wednesday League: Garsington Sports A 3, Gladiators 3; Florence Park 5, Red Lion 1; Plough 4, Garsington Sports B 2; Cowley Workers 5, Team Monarch 1.

Gladiators Beer Seller Friday League: Clare Car Hire 3, Cricketers 3; Jolly Postboys 0, Pips 6; Cowley Workers 3, Ox 3; Gladiators 2, Garsington 4. Top scorer: K Giles (Clare Car Hire) 16. Sixers: K Giles, B Townsend (Clare Car Hire), P Wilkins (Cricketers), B Trinder (Cowley Workers).

Kidlington Indoor League: Kidlington OB 4, Unknowns 2; Dogwood 2, Punchbowl 4; Kings Arms 2, North Oxford CC 4; Kidlington SC 0, Gin'll Fix It 6. Top scorer: P Coates (Punchbowl), J Townsend (North Oxford CC), A Goodgame (Gin'll Fix It) 12. Sixer: A Goodgame.

  • The South East Oxon Friday Night League are looking for a secretary/treasurer for this year.

Applications for this paid position should be made to secretary Tom Recht on 01865 779694.

Meanwhile, the league's annual meeting is at the New Club, Wheatley, on Tuesday (8).