Phil Adams starred with 17 dolls as Cricketers stormed to a 6-0 win over Garsington in the Gladiators Beer Seller Friday League.

Adams (6, 5, 6) missed out with the fourth stick of his middle leg.

Pip Goulding and John Townsend both scored 15 dolls in helping Pips and Clare Car Hire to 4-2 victories over Gladiators and Cowley Workers respectively.

RESULTS Banbury Winter League: Banbury Cross 1, Deddington 5; Bowling Green 2, George 4; Banbury 6, Tysoe SC 0; Grimsbury 4, General Foods 2; General Foods 2, George 4; Grimsbury 6, Banbury Cross 0; Banbury 6, Bowling Green 0; Tysoe SC 2, Deddington 4. Top scorer: D Brain (Banbury) 14. Sixers: D Brain, D White (Tysoe SC), R Pickersgill (Bowling Green), G Barrett (Deddington).

Gladiators Beer Seller Wednesday League: Cowley Workers 5, Red Lion 1; Garsington Sports A 2, Plough 4; Garsington Sports B 4, Florence Park 2; Gladiators 4, Team Monarch 2. Top scorer: C Webb (Cowley Workers) 14. Sixers: C Webb, M Griffin (both Cowley Workers), C Jenkins (Gladiators).

Standings: Cowley Workers 38pts, Garsington Sports A 36, Florence Park 31, Plough 27, Gladiators 23, Garsington Sports B 22, Red Lion 20, Team Monarch 18.

Gladiators Beer Seller Friday League: Ox 0, Jolly Postboys 6; Garsington 0, Cricketers 6; Gladiators 2, Pips 4; Cowley Workers 2, Clare Car Hire 4. Top scorer: P Adams (Cricketers) 17. Sixers: P Adams 2, P Goulding (Pips), John Townsend (Clare Car Hire).

John Smith's New Club Wheatley Winter League: Oxford Gas 6, New Club B 0; Veterans 4, New Club C 2; Saints 6, New Club D 0; New Club A 5, Tiddington CC 1. Top scorer: M Ruffles (New Club A) 14. Sixer: S Wallington (New Club A).

Kidlington Indoor League: Gin'll Fix It 4, Kings Arms 2; Unknowns 2, Kidlington SC 4; Punchbowl 6, Kidlington OB 0; North Oxford CC 5, Dogwood 1. Top scorer: R Baker (Gin'll Fix It) 14. Sixer: A Goodgame (Gin'll Fix It).

THE Greene King Oxford & District League's annual meeting takes place at Rover Sports & Social Club, Roman Way on Monday (8).

All are welcome. League entry forms will be available after the meeting.