Paul Sawyer included a six in his 15-doll haul as North Oxford CC beat Punchbowl 5-1 in the Kidlington Indoor League.

Alan Goodgame emulated his feat in Gin'll Fix It's 4-2 victory over Unknowns.

Cricketers' Phil Adams also chalked up a six among his 14 dolls in a 6-0 whitewash of Gladiators in the Gladiators Beer Seller Friday League.

Mark Bayliss starred with 13 dolls as the The Reds swept aside Cowley Conners 6-0 to stay top of the George Lowe League at Cowley Conservative Club.

Tony Barrett also scored 13 dolls as Jelly Tots defeated Littlemore Outsiders 6-0.

Phil Smithson clanged off a six in his 13 dolls to help Bowling Green to a 6-0 win over Banbury Cross in the Banbury Indoor League.

Consistent throwing by Steve Walton (4, 4, 5) off the anchor saw him post 13 dolls for Grimsbury - but it couldn't save them from a 5-1 defeat by Banbury.

Jason Weller led the way for Banbury with 12 dolls.


Banbury Indoor League: George 0, Banbury 6; Deddington 3, Grimsbury 3; General Foods 6, Banbury Cross 0; Bowling Green 6, Tysoe SC 0; Banbury 5, Grimsbury 1; Banbury Cross 0, Bowling Green 6; George 0, Deddington 6; Tysoe SC 0, General Foods 6; Banbury Cross 0, Bowling Green 6. Top scorers: S Walton (Grimsbury), P Smithson (Bowling Green) 13. Sixers: A Murrey (Grimsbury), P Dempsey (General Foods), P Smithson.

George Lowe League: Marston RBL 3, Holden & Parker 3; Towler Hall 4, Worzels 2; Jelly Tots 6, Littlemore Outsiders 0; Cowley Conners 0, Reds 6. Top scorers: Mark Bayliss (Reds), Tony Barrett (Jelly Tots) 13.

Gladiators Beer Seller Wednesday League: Garsington Sports A 4, Florence Park 2; Plough 3, Team Monarch 3; Gladiators 2, Cowley Workers 4; Garsington Sports B 0, Red Lion 6. Top scorer: D Cox.

Gladiators Beer Seller Friday League: Jolly Postboys 2, Clare Car Hire 4; Cowley Workers 4, Garsington 2; Cricketers 6, Gladiators 0; Ox 4, Pips 2. Top scorer: P Adams (Cricketers) 14. Sixer: P Adams.

Kidlington Indoor League: Punchbowl 1, North Oxford CC 5; Gin'll Fix It 4, Unknowns 2; Kidlington SC 6, Kings Arms 0; Dogwood 6, Kidlington OB 0. Top scorers: P Sawyer (North Oxford CC), A Goodgame (Gin'll Fix It) 15. Sixers: P Sawyer, JTownsend (North Oxford CC), D Homer, A Goodgame (Gin'll Fix It), E Peake (Dogwood).

Yarnton RBL League: Chauffers 5, Red Lion 1; Exiles 2, Rose & Crown 4; Star 6, Misfits 0; Elmfield 6, Yanrton RBL 0. Top scorers: M Revill (Red Lion), D Townsend (Elmfield) 14. Sixers: A Holt (Rose & Crown), M Phipps, D Townsend (both Elmfield).