Tony Barrett included a six in his 15 dolls - but it proved in vain as Jelly Tots went down 4-2 to Littlemore Outsiders in the George Lowe Invitation League at Cowley Conservative Club.

Ray Wade led the way for Outsiders with 12 dolls.

Barry Ruffels starred with 14 dolls as Garsington Sports A whitewashed Gladiators 6-0 in the Gladiators Beer Seller Wednesday League.

Ken Maunder provided good support with 13 dolls.

Gladiators were also on the end of a 6-0 drubbing in the Gladiators Friday Beer Seller League as Cowley Workers coasted home with Kevin Stuart contributing 14 dolls.

Paul Sawyer clanged 13 dolls off the anchor in North Oxford CC's 6-0 win over Unknowns in the Kidlington Indoor League.


Banbury Winter League: Banbury 6, Banbury Cross 0; George 4, Tysoe SC 2; Bowling Green 4, Grimsbury 2; Deddington 3, General Foods 3; Tysoe SC 0, Grimsbury 6; Deddington 2, Banbury 4; Banbury Cross 2, George 4; General Foods 6, Bowling Green 0. Sixers: G Timms, T Dyer, F Hillier (all Deddington), G Edgar (Bowling Green).

George Lowe Invitation League: Littlemore Outsiders 4, Jelly Tots 2; Towler Hall 3, Marston RBL 3; Worzels 2, Cowley Conners 4; Holden & Parker 2, Reds 4. Top scorer: T Barrett (Jelly Tots). Sixers: T Barrett (Jelly Tots), D Butler (Reds).

Gladiators Beer Seller Wednesday League: Cowley Workers 6, Plough 0; Gladiators 0, Garsington Sports A 6; Team Monarch 2, Florence Park 4; Red Lion 2, Garsington Sports B 4. Top scorer: B Ruffels (Garsington Sports A) 14. Sixers: B Munnelly (Cowley Workers), E Buckingham (Garsington Sports B).

Gladiators Friday Beer Seller League: Gladiators 0, Cowley Workers 6; Cricketers 3, Clare Car Hire 3; Garsington Sports 5, Jolly Post Boys 1; Pips 4, Ox 2. Top scorers: K Stuart (Cowley Workers), P Wilkins (Cricketers), K Giles (Clare Car Hire), D Sawyer (Clare Car Hire) 14. Sixers: G Townsend (Cricketers), P Wilkins, K Giles.

Kidlington Indoor League: North Oxford CC 6, Unknowns 0; Punchbowl 1, Gin'll Fix It 5; Dogwood 2, Kidlington SC 4; Kidlington OB 1, Kings Arms 5. Top scorer: P Sawyer (North Oxford CC) 13.

Yarnton RBL League: Rose & Crown 6, Misfits 0; Yarnton RBL 6, Red Lion 0; Exiles 2, Chauffers 4; Star 6, Elmfield 0. Top scorer: D Burns (Yarnton RBL) 15. Sixers: D Burns, R Barson (Rose & Crown), L Thompson (Star).

  • Rose Hill Social Club have a vacancy for a team in their winter league. Contact Jim Cooper on 01865 775988 or Brian Simpson on 01865 452333.