Garsington Sports Club fell just one short of equalling the record leg score as they beat George 2-1, writes ANDY BEAL.

After winning the opener 23-18, they lost the next 25-26.

In the decider they set a massive 40 dolls, Barry Ruffels top-scoring with 14.

In Section 3, Alan Davies clanged off a double sixer in his 16 doll-haul as Vikings Club beat leaders Turner Arms 3-0 away.

Vikings were too hot to handle as they won all three legs 23-14, 29-22, 25-20. Nathan O'Donnell also chipped in with a six.

Gavin Anderson whipped off 15 dolls as King's Arms defeated New Club 3-0.

They took all three legs comfortably, 25-13, 25-13, 28-16.

Section 2 leaders Royal Sun crashed 2-1 at home to Six Bells.

They set 20 in the first leg, but it was not enough as Six Bells anchor man Len Brandon hit the four dolls needed to take the leg by the odd doll.

Although Sun levelled 20-14 in the next, they lost the decider 18-16.

Seacourt Bridge moved level with Sun after beating Highfield Club 2-1.

After losing the first leg 20-18, they recovered to take the next two 27-17, 26-18. Jim Flynn top-scored with 14.

In Section 5, Darren Cox hit 14 dolls in vain for Team Monarch as they lost 3-0 at home to Cowley Con Club.

The first and last legs were tied 20-20 and 18-18 with Cowley winning both on three-stick shoot-outs.

Cowley took the second leg 22-18.

It wasn't unlucky 13 for Graham Morton smashed a baker's dozen as Black Boys beat Brill Sports Club 2-1 in Section 9.

They just won the first leg 17-16, but lost the second 19-15.

The decider went down to the wire as they squeeezed home by one doll with 13.

Nelson need just one more point to clinch the Section 10 title after beating Fairview Inn 2-1.

They claimed the first two legs easily 15-9, 17-8, but lost the last 15-13. Belmont Chalal top-scored with nine.

Sun were crowned Section 10 champions, with two games to go, as they beat Cherwell Club 3-0.

The Wheatley side maintained the league's only unbeaten run with a 16-12, 17-8, 18-9 victory. Derek Stansfield top-scored with ten dolls.

Six Bells remain top of Section 12 after a closely- fought contest at Yarnton British Legion.

After winning the first leg 18-10 they lost the second 14-13.

Yarnton set the deciding leg with 11, but Six Bells scraped home with anchor man Pat Conway hitting the one doll needed for victory. to win the leg and game. RESULTS CHECK f=Helvetica s=6q=cGREENE KING OXFORD & DISTRICT LEAGUE q=fPremier/Section 1: White House A 3, Three Pigeons 0; Kidlington Spts B 1, New Club A 2; Gladiators A 0, Cricketers B 3; Garsington Spts 2, George 1.

Section 2: Woodman 2, Black Swan B 1; Plough 0, Queens Head B 3; Royal Sun 1, Six Bells 2; Highfield Club A 1, Seacourt Bridge 2; Gardener's Arms 2, Littlemore BL 1.

Section 3: Turners Arms 0, Vikings Club B 3; Tiddington Cricket 3, Red Lion Marston 0; Red Lion B Gars 2, Cowley Workers 1; Prince of Wales A 1, Green Road Club 2; New Club B 0, Kings Arms 3.

Section 4: Whitmore Arms 0, Red Lion Islip 3; Bull 2, Crown A 1; Quarry Gate A 2, Red Lion Brill 1; Duke of Monmouth 1, Masons A 2; Democrats 1, Ampleforth A 2.

Section 5: Vikings Club A 2, North Oxford Con 1; Team Monarch 0, Cowley Con Club 3; Rose Hill Dwarfs 1, Quarry Gate B 2; Lord Kitchener 3, Golden Ball B 0; Chandos Arms B 0, Fairview A 3.

Section 6: Nut Tree 2, Black Horse A 1; Kings Arms 1, White House B 2; Donnington Club A 1, Red Lion A Gars 2; Cricketers A 3, Jolly Postboys 0.

Section 7: Unicorn 2, Barley Mow 1; Star 3, Highfield Club B 0; Red Cow B 1, Ashton Club 2; Crown B 0, Plough 3; Brill Club B 1, Red Cow A 2.

Section 8: White Hart 1, Blackbird 2; Shelley Arms 1, Vikings Club C 2; Golden Ball A 3, Kidlington Spts A 0; Black Swan A 2, Littlemore RC 1.

Section 9: Red Lion Wolv 2, Gladiators B 1; Red Lion Wend 1, Cavalier A 2; Red Lion B Cass 0, Northway Club 3; Black Boy 2, Brill Club A 1; Fairview B 1, Nelson A 2.

Section 10: White Hart 1, Prince of Wales B 2; Cherwell Club 0, Sun 3; Masons B 3, Woodstock Arms A 0.

Section 11: Grove House Club 0, Fox 3; Catherine Wheel B 3, Donnington Club B 0; Black Horse B 2, Red Lion A Cass 1.

Section 12: Yarnton BL 1, Six Bells 2; Kings Arms Ladies 1, Kennington Club B 2; Somerset House 2, George Inn B 1.

SIXERS A Davies 2, N O'Donnel (Vikings B), E May (Gladiators), A King (New Club), D Clarke, D Sellar (Cricketers), R Goodall (Garsington Spts), N Lyons (Three Pigeons), G Anderson (Kings Arms), N Ireson (Turners Arms), D Middleton (Masons), P Smith, P Pridmore (Tiddington CC), M Hill (Red Lion Garsington), G Morton (Black Boy), C Slatter (Black Horse B).

BLOBBERS N Marsh (Crown A), C Wigley (Team Monarch), P Dawson (N Oxford Con Club), V Walker (Highfield Club), R McDonald (Red Lion Cassington), M Madden (Cherwell Club), K Barber, B Partridge (Red Lion Cassington), D Wassell, S Juggins (Grove Hse), C Shelton (Somerset Hse), G Ellis (Kennington Club).

SOUTH EAST OXON FRIDAY NIGHT LEAGUE Premier/Section 1: Six Bells 6, New Club 0; Masons A 1, Lamb 5; Garsington Spts 6, Bull A 0; Quarry Gate 6, Plough 0; George 0, Black Swan 6.

Section 2: Crown A 0, Tiddington CC A 6; Wheatsheaf 4, Red Lion 2.

Section 3: Cricketers Warb 4, Jack Russell 2; Black Horse 6, Fleur de Lys 0; Tiddington CC B 6, King's Head A 0.

Section 4: Watlington MC 2, Watlington SSC 4; Carriers A 0, Sun 6; King's Head B 6, Carriers B 0.

Highest dolls: D Sellar, K Giles 15.