Oxford Boxing Academy bantamweight Jordan Ottwell, 17, has always been considered to be a courageous performer in the ring and the fact was confirmed in the plush surroundings of Stamford Bridge.

The Kidlington teenager (pictured) picked up the award for a gutsy display against England Youth international Daniel Walton in the Class C 54kg final of this year's NACYP championships.

On paper this was always going to be a difficult task - facing an opponent almost two years older and with five times the number of rounds under his belt.

But Ottwell refused to capitulate and made his mark with some telling rights during the third session in this four-round encounter.

And the final scoreline of 17-13 underlined how close this clash really was.

"He caught me on the nose during the first minute and it made breathing very difficult," said Ottwell.

"But that is boxing and you have to get on with it - especially in a major finals night that brings together the best teenagers from all four Home Nations.

"It was disappointing to get beaten, but it just adds to the experience and that will be a great benefit for the future."

Oxford Boxing Academy coach Faz Keyani - who sacrificed a night at the ballet (and a much sought after ticket) to be in his protégé's corner added: "Jordan could not have done any more.

"He'll have a brief rest than prepare for the Junior ABA championships which begin in May where at least he will only be facing kids the same age."