MELVYN Johnson will play Roger Tomlin in the Never Won Cup final, writes PETE EWINS.

Oracle B’s Johnson won both legs against Berinsfield’s David Naylor at Masons with a total score of 10,370.

Tomlin progressed after a 2-0 victory over Dave Gordon in an all-Headington Con Club semi-final.


Threes semi-final: A Lacey, A Oliver & I Moss bt B Hill, J Patey & R Garrett 4-2 at Oracle; M Trafford, P Withey & I Gordon bt D Rose, A Lowe & C Bateman 4-0 at Vikings.


Pairs: M Trafford & I Gordon v A Lacey & M Jones at Democrats.

Off The Spot: J Boal (Berinsfield) v A Oliver (Vikings).

Captains Cup: P McFarland (Berinsfield) v R Garrett (Democrats) at Gladiators Club.