IT was a frustrating day as all nine Masons AC anglers lost carp in the thick reed beds at Laura’s Lagoon during their opening match of the season.

Dave Pether came out on top with 31lb 10oz 0drms, including two carp which weighed in at just under 22lb.

Runner-up Joe Gleed had four carp for a total 24.0.0, while Brian Goodman was third with 18.11.0 including a carp of 11lb 3oz.

Heavy boat traffic marred North Oxford AS’s final Summer Canal Series at Kingsbridge John Coleman, catching before the boats became a nuisance, landed mainly skimmers and roach for a winning weight of 5.8.0.

Gordon Collier was second with 4.4.0 and Maurice Winstone third on 2.0.0.

Kevin Jeacock won Beehive AC’s contest at Lower Court, where most of the resident carp were more interested in basking in the sun.

Jeacock recorded 114.12.0 of carp to pole and corn to finish well ahead of second-placed Martin Wilkinson (60.11.0) and Ross Keetley, who was third with 26.15.0.


Oakfield Fishery (Monday, Brook, 7 fished): 1 G Thorpe (GOT Baits) 19.1.0, 2 N Kiddier (Kamasan) 14.11.0, 3 C Davis (Dynamite Oakfield) 13.15.8.

Oakfield Fishery (Wednesday, Red Kite, 12 fished): 1 P Hanlon, 101.5.0, 2 B Eddy (Dynamite Oakfield) 94.8.0, 3 M Giles (RS Baits, 71.18) Oakfield Fishery (Saturday, Red Kite & Brook, 16 fished): 1 B Hutchings (Littlemore AS) 109.14.0, 2 B Eddy (Dynamite Oakfield) 85.9.0, 3 M Talbot (Kamasan GOT Baits) 71.15.0.

Oakfield Fishery (Sunday, Red Kite, 21 fished): 1 S Waters (Drennan) 159.9.0, 2 J Rogers (Frenzee GOT Baits) 138.0.0, 3 G Thorpe (GOT Baits) 112.6.0.


Littlemore AS: Aggregate Cup No 1, Boddington, draw 8, fishing 10-3.

Masons AC: Lake View, Worminghall, draw 8, fishing 9-3.

Yarnton & District AC: Hunts Corner Pond, Linear Fisheries, draw 9am, fishing 10-3. Ring 07977 297858 to book in.