BRITISH Rail have one hand on the Oxford & District League Division 1 title after a 10-0 win over Vikings A.

Darren Jones, Ian Mead and Greg Donovan were in fine form for the victors.

Rail also reached the Aubrey Hughes Handicap Shield semi-finals following a 437-421 victory over Holton C.

Division 1 rivals Forum A are now ten points behind after dropping a point in a 7-3 win over their B team, Karl Bushell recording a maximum.

Trebles from Matthew Davies and Neil Hurford saw Rutherford beat Forum C 9-1.

In Division 2, Paul Humphrey starred as Begbroke held champions Forum E to a draw.

He beat Kiarash Shaddel 12-10 in the decider of the opening singles and overcame Farshad Shaddel in five sets, before clinching an impressive maximum.

Vikings B saw off Forum G 7-3, despite a superb treble from Arthur Anstis.

Graham Butcher led Bicester B to an 8-2 victory over Vikings D.

Division 3 champions Forum H beat Forum J 8-2, thanks to Tak-Wa Yau’s maximum.

Craig Burgess led the way as Bicester C earned a 6-4 win over Forum I.

Vikings E edged out Bicester E 5-4.



Div 1: British Rail 10 (D Jones 3, I Mead 3, G Donovan 3), Vikings A 0; RAL 9 (M Davies 3, N Hurford 3), Forum C 1; Forum A 7 (K Bushell 3), Forum D 3.

Div 2: Vikings B 7, Forum G 3 (A Anstis 3); Forum E 5, Begbroke 5 (P Humphrey 3); Forum F 0, Vikings C 10 (J Speedy 3, A Taevere 3, C Savage 3); Vikings D 2, Bicester B 8 (G Butcher 3).

Div 3: Vikings E 5, Bicester E 4 (M Taylor 3); Forum H 8 (T Yau 3), Forum J 2; Forum I 4, Bicester C 6 (C Burgess 3).


Quarter-final: Begbroke 417, Forum J 429 (+146); Holton C 421 (+281), British Rail 437; Vikings A 430, Bicester B 322 (+50); Bicester E 416 (+179), Forum D 436.

Semi-final draw: Forum J v British Rail, Vikings A v Forum D.