ORACLE opened up a 12-point lead in the Premier Division following a 6-0 victory against Division 1 outfit Gladiators.

Ian Gordon (9,910, break 7,200), Mark Trafford (14,200, break 10,330), Brian Rose (6,720) and Pauline Withey (9,390) won in the Oxford & District League match.

Oracle then clinched the pairs to secure a comfortable victory.

Second-placed Donnington beat Vikings B 5-1, with Dennis Atkins (8,970) and Dave Tooke (8,610) starring.

Vikings A won 6-0 at home to previous Division 1 leaders West Oxford Democrats.

Allan Lacey (8,390, break 7,000), Alan Oliver, Pete Ewins and Bob Allsworth triumphed.

Berinsfield are the new leaders, beating Gladiators 5-1, thanks to Phil McFarland John Boal and Larry Richens.

Jenny Webb saved the whitewash with her first win of the season.

In-form Dave Rose helped Masons beat Headington 4-2.