OXFORDSHIRE play their seventh game in the BDO Inter-Counties Championship when they host Nottinghamshire this weekend.

With just six points separating the top five teams, it is still all to play for in the promotion race.

The game will be played at Bicester Ex-Servicemen’s Club, starting at noon on Saturday and at 11am on Sunday.


Ladies’ A: S Cox, G Freshwater, D Hedman, L Jennings, K Ledbury, J Telling.

Men’s A: T Baughan, K Bedding, G Grant, P Hall, S Holley, P Krabben, P Kearns, A Larner, K Lowe, L Russell, N Russell, S Wright.

Ladies’ B: Cali Birch, Cath Birch, S Burns, E Everett, P Guy, C Smith.

Men’s B: M Burns, S Dennett, S Key, D Smith, P Smith, A Quinn, B Richardson, A Stevens, A Thomas, S Tricker, S Turner, T Wood.

l OXFORDSHIRE’S youth team gained an exciting 8-7 victory over Berkshire.

Their under 18s triumphed 4-3 thanks to Lennon Craddock, who won 3-0 with an average of 25.47, Sam Payne, Sean Ashburner and DJ Rouse.

Rachel Pritchard and Stella Walker helped Oxon girls win 2-1, but their men’s under 21s lost 3-2, despite successes for Josh McCarthy and Luke Burns.