OXFORD Hawks’ tough season in Women’s Investec Conference West continued when they lost 2-0 at high-flying Stourport.

The visitors found themselves under pressure from the start and Stourport took the lead midway through the first half.

Faced with a one-on-one situation, Hawks keeper Jess Hughes managed to send the home striker wide, but the ball was then played across to an arriving forward who slotted into the empty net.

Hawks defended a series of penalty corners and went close to equalising through Catherine Reaney.

Stourport sealed the win late on with a goal from a penalty corner.


Oxford Hawks 3rd 4 (E Stephenson, M Minton, L Siese, A Richardson), Marlow 2nd 1; Oxford Hawks 5th 2 (S Butler, P Cantwell), Banbury 3rd 3; Witney 2nd 4 (V Larkin 2, K Fowler, M Hartwell), Wallingford 2nd 1; Witney 3rd 1 (G Noton), Oxford Hawks 6th 3 (P Fitzgerald, M Rumsby, B Wagerfield); Oxford Hawks 7th 2 (C Edmiston, G Potts), Buckingham 4th 5; Oxford Hawks Eagles 2 (J Barlow, C Pritchard), Wycombe Masters 1; Oxford 2nd 3 (C Barnard, L Bargstedt, C Jackson), Wycombe 2nd 1; Oxford 3rd 1 (S Williams), Maidenhead 2nd 3; Oxford 5th 4 (G Lewis, A Browne, F De Boer, A Freer), Wallingford 3rd 1; Oxford 6th 2 (N Paterson, P Schubert), Marlow 5th 2; Oxford 7th 2 (H Wong, E Allen), Sonning Veterans 0.