KEENAN Dallimore, from Blackbird Leys ABC, starred as a Home Counties Select team triumphed in Denmark.

Dallimore, who clinched the 69-75kg title at the National Development Championships in October, helped the regional side win 5-4 in Falster.

Taking on Sven Aargreen, the Oxford fighter caught his opponent with several good combinations in the first round, while evading any counters.

Dallimore continued to dominate the bout, taking the next two rounds to clinch a unanimous victory.

His clubmate, Brent Dalton, who also excelled in being selected for the Home Counties team, was not so lucky.

Facing Lal Vasquez, Dalton started well going toe-to-toe with his opponent.

But in the second round, he was caught by an overhand right, which caused the referee to stop the fight on a technical knockout.

Blackbird Leys coach Keith Perisi said: “It was a great honour for Keenan and Brent to be chosen to represent the Home Counties in this prestigious event, which was televised in Denmark.”