JOE Palmer recorded a superb 170 check-out as defending Men’s Premier Section champions Kidlington Green Social Club beat visiting Kidlington Football Club 6-3 in the Cowley Workers Club ODDA.

The hosts took a 4-1 lead thanks to wins from Kieran Smith (180), Mark Burns, Sean Holly and Palmer.

The Section 1 visitors hit back when beat Smith defeated new ODDA singles champion Neal Russell, but a 2-1 pairs win gave Greens a 6-3 victory.

Democrats Club won all three pairs matches to come from 4-2 down to record an unlikely 5-4 victory in their Section 1 clash away to Prince of Wales, whose singles wins came from Trevor Ballard, Richard Reveley, Mick Kennetts and Tim Tricker.

In the Ladies’ league, Premier side Witney Snooker Club won 6-3 at home to Section 1 opponents Red Lion thanks to a 3-0 pairs whitewash.

l ODDA competition entry forms must submitted by this Saturday.



Premier & Section 1: Red Lion B 4, Horspath Cricket Club 5; Kidlington Green SC 6, Yarnton Rd FC 3; Abingdon Utd SC 3, Cowley Workers 6; Prince of Wales 4 ,Democrats 5.

Section 2: Chequers Inn B 5, Black Bull 4; George Bar B 1, Bell 8.

Section 3: Cricketers Arms C 5, Bullnose Morris 4; Littlemore Rugby Club B 2, Chequers Inn A 7.

Section 4: Queens Head 8, Donnington CC C 1; Masons Arms 3 Marston RBL A 6.

Section 6: White Hart 1, Donnington CC B 8; Marston RBL 8, Rose Hill CC 1; New Club 6, Florence Park CC 3.


Premier & Section 1: Cowley Workers C 0, Blackbird Leys BC 9; Witney Snooker Club 6, Red Lion 3.

Section 3: Bletchingdon SC 3, Cowley Workers A 6; George Lounge A 3, Chequers Inn 4; Marston RBL 3, Original Swan 6.

Section 4: Masons Arms 7, New Club 2; Duke of Monmouth 1, Donnington CC 8; Chequers Inn A 4, Gladiators 5; Kings Arms 4, Florence Park CC 5.

Section 5: New Club A 6, Vikings SC 3; Florence Park CC D 4, Rose Hill CC 5; Kidlington FC A 3, Cowley Workers B 6.


J Palmer, K Smith, R Smith (all Kidlington FC), G Grant, T Wood, A Stevens (all Cowley Workers), A Malyinko, R Adnams (Democrats), C Webb (Chequers Inn A), M Hutt (Marston RBL A), Josh Belcher (Donnington CC B), A Queen, L Cox (Queens Head).


J Palmer (Kidlington Green SC) 170, S Bennett (Bell Inn) 130, S Bennett (Bell Inn) 124, T Wheeler (Black Bull) 120, D Smith (Abingdon Utd SC) 114, C Webb (Marston RBL B) 114.