PRESIDENT Morgan Gerlak believes Oxford University will bounce back after the Dark Blues were beaten in the Boat Race for the first time in four years.

Cambridge University overcame tough conditions to win today's race – the 162nd in its history – by two-and-a-half lengths to end Oxford’s dominance since 2012.

The Dark Blues had also won six of the last eight, but now trail their rivals 82-79.

Oxford’s men were unable to build on the womens’ triumph earlier today, but Gerlak vowed it was not the end of the Dark Blues’ dominance.

He said: “We’re part of the best boat club in the world.

“We have the best coaches, best athletes and we’ll be back.”

In rough conditions on the Tideway course, odds-on favourites Cambridge, who were 11.8 kilograms heavier, edged ahead.

Oxford remained in contention by the second bend at Hammersmith Bridge.

But despite the choppy conditions Cambridge built on their advantage and maintained their lead to stop the Dark Blues’ winning run.

Oxford coach Sean Bowden described the conditions as the “worst I’ve ever seen in a Boat Race”.

He added: “We didn’t get a lot of rough water in training so you have to make the most of it in the last couple of days.

“I don’t think the team was able to show its best.

“It’s disappointing. We fought very courageously.”

The Dark Blues were strong favourites in the women’s race and claimed a fourth successive victory with a commanding 24-length win.

Cambridge were at risk of sinking at the second bend, but they were able to finish after finding calmer water.

The Dark Blues recovered from a slow start and built a promising lead by Hammersmith Bridge.

Despite staying in the rough water for a short while, Oxford never looked in trouble and secured victory by more than a minute.