Oxfordshire kept their Middleton Cup hopes alive with a resounding 142-98 win over the Isle of Wight at Oxford City & County.

Needing a win to have any chance of qualifying from Group 2 Section B (South), Oxon made no mistake as they won on all six rinks to take the points 22-0.

Calvin Carpenter’s four of Mike Petersen and brothers David and Robbie Clanfield raced into a 19-shot lead against skip Adam Clark after nine ends on the way to a 31-20 win.

Mark Sykes’s rink of AJ Docherty, George Schwab and Richard Redford led by only one shot against Alan Casdell after 15 ends, before romping home 28-15 for Oxon’s biggest winning margin.

Having taken a drubbing against Middlesex, Ian Snowdon’s rink of Shaun Claridge with Dean and Gary May bounced back with a 24-15 win over Keith Beckett.

Mark Charlett’s side of Mick Nash, Remy Clanfield and the fit-again Barry Lambourne were 11-1 up after seven ends, but were pegged back by John Crews, before triumphing 21-16.

Oxford captain Alan Prew, with Keith Holloway, Ian Henwood and Nathan Lewis, picked up a three on the last end to secure an 18-14 win over Isle of Wight player-manager Steve Crockett.

Last out was Paul Sharman’s side of Lee Young, Andy Martin and Gordon Walker, who held on to beat Bob Mortlock 20-18 after conceding five shots on the penultimate end.

Oxfordshire now take on leaders Hampshire at Atherley BC, Southampton, on Saturday, again knowing that only a win will do. Jason King, who was unavailable last weekend, returns in place of Gordon Walker.

He comes in at No 3 in Charlett’s rink, with Lambourne switching to take Walker’s place in Sharman’s side where he played last year.

In a tactical change, Gary May and Remy Clanfield switch rinks.

Oxon 142 (22pts), Isle of Wight 98 (0)

(Oxon rinks first)

Rink 1: AJ Docherty, G Schwab, R Redford, M Sykes 28, R Hayes, P Knight, D Mulhern, A Cawdell 15.

Rink 2: M Petersen, D Clanfield, Ro Clanfield, C Carpenter 31, P Brooks, R Tigg, C New, A Clark 20.

Rink 3: D May, G May, S Claridge, I Snowdon 24, M Farrington, J Attrill, A Bell, K Beckett 15.

Rink 4: L Young, A Martin, G Walker, P Sharman 20, S New, F Rylands, P Furmidge, B Mortlock 18.

Rink 5: K Holloway, I Henwood, N Lewis, A Prew 18, B Davies, P Green, J Pearce, S Crockett 14.

Rink 6: M Nash, Re Clanfield, B Lambourne, M Charlett 21, K Clark, R Smith, M Butchers, J Crews 16.

OXFORDSHIRE are unch-anged for their Balcomb Trophy regional semi-final (National County Two Fours) against Kent at Halls BC, Dartford on Sunday (10am).

Oxfordshire: J Philpott, P Sharman, M Sykes, H Watts; K Holloway, N Lewis, I Snowdon, A Prew.