Oxfordshire's Katherine Hawes helped England to victory in the British Isles Women’s International Series in Glasgow.

The Oxford City & County ace played at No 2 in Ellen Falkner’s rink as England recorded a clean sweep of wins over Wales, Ireland, Scotland and Jersey at St Vincent’s BC.

The four, featuring Hawes, didn’t get off to the best start though, crashing to a 31-11 defeat, but England held on to win 118-117 against Wales.

They then lost to an Ireland four 22-18, but it didn’t stop England storming to a 130-88 victory.

Hawes and her team bounced back with a 25-15 victory against Scotland as England powered in 131-96.

And they finished off with a 25-22 win in the 135-99 triumph against Jersey.

OXFORDSHIRE Ladies crashed to a 133-96 defeat against Nottinghamshire in the Middle England League at Abington BC, Northampton.

Oxfordshire 96 (4pts), Notts 133 (13) (Oxon skips first): D Jacob 15, I Wright 18; S Rogers 20, R Lewis 16; C Morgan 22, M Maidlowe 23; P Ostler 13, E Adams 29; J Berry 3, S Offler 35; C Penson 23, M Gardner 12.