St Clare’s

Ours is an education unlike any other in the UK. St Clare’s, Oxford is a remarkable place of global education for remarkable young people, advancing international education and understanding for 70 years.

We are a world-leading International Baccalaureate World School, the first in England, attracting students from over 50 countries and embracing internationalism and academic excellence as our core values. Our teachers write the IB textbooks and teach the teachers of the future, and our results are consistently sector-leading and far above global averages. In the last 3 years, over a third of students have scored 40 points or over, and every year we have students achieve the maximum IB score of 45, placing them in the top 1% globally.

Everyone in our community is united by one key motivation: to step out of their comfort zones to grow, and to be the most globally aware and academically ambitious version of themselves. Ours is thus a culture of challenge. Walking around, you see individualism and character, engagement with the community, independence, responsibility, and happy, fulfilled young people readying themselves for the world. This is just one reason why independent analysts show that our students consistently make more academic progress here, than they would at any other IB school in the UK.

To be at St Clare’s is to feel freedom and benefit of choice; to stand on top of a mountain with every direction available to you. Any career, any location, any direction for your future made possible. Our Careers and Higher Education support is among the best in the world, sending students to the top-ranking universities worldwide but, more importantly, to the right university for them. This is where aspiration and ambition meet knowledge and experience.

We believe that academic achievement matters and lays the foundations for prosperous futures, and that independence is the greatest skill a person - and a mind - can learn. St Clare’s is a place for those who think differently. We help young people become academically successful, self-reliant, and aware of the world. Be challenged, be independent, be remarkable.

St Clare’s, Oxford 139 Banbury Road, Oxford, OX2 7AL

01865 552031

Principal: Duncan Reith